Legal Nature

The rationale for establishing an NPC is this:

– It is reasonable to conclude that much of the activities and production from LIFE ENTERPRISES will be concerned with the generation of financial resources;

– Many resources will be channeled from the productions of LIFE ENTERPRISES into operations who are seeking assistance for their faith based initiatives in the community;

– Incentive must be given to potential donors and investors in providing “seed” capital for the development of the different enterprises promoted through LIFE ENTERPRISES;

– Needs to be structured and operated in a manner that permits it to develop not only creative and innovative ways but also credible methods and vehicles that generate substantial funds into the future on a sustainable income basis;

– Ensure and engender confidence and trust from stakeholders that their monies will be applied in responsible and effective manners through the use of acceptable business practices, total accountability and strict adherence to budgetary vision;

– Maintain proper accounting records;

– Appoint an independent firm of auditors;

– Conduct an annual general meeting;

– Ensure no Board Member receives any profits;

– All investors have a vote at the annual general meeting.

Activating Resources for Resourceful Living – Designating Profits for Maximum Community Benefits