Operation & Control

It is proposed that:

– RLE be controlled by a minimum of 5 members and not more than 9.

– The Board of Directors will initially be comprised of:

Gary Almeida, Bonny Baloyi, Johan Claasen, Philip DeVries, Patrick Rodriguez, Mark Rutter, Freddie Trout, Alwyn van Rensburg

– Five members of the board represents a quorum;

– Each member of the Board is to have one vote on which the Board are expected to decide about;

– Board members will serve for one calendar year after which they will be rejected or confirmed at the Annual General Meeting by stakeholders;

– The Board will appoint someone to do day-to- day operational management and will serve as Chief Executive Officer for LIFE ENTERPRISES;

– The CEO will be entitled to fair remuneration commensurate with his/her skill levels approved by the Board;

– The Board will appoint a Chairman to conduct business meetings on behalf of LIFE ENTERPRISES;

– No members of the Board of Directors will be entitled to a remuneration package for their duties but can claim reasonable recompense incurred by such member in the execution of their duties and must be sanctioned by the Board of Directors;

– Recognizing that this company is set up as a Christian-based entity, they must:

Actively subscribe to a Biblical worldview;

Accept the Bible as the inerrant Word of God;

Accept the Holy Trinity as being Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

Accept that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God;

Accept that Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was resurrected

as the atoned sacrifice for the sins of the world;

Active member serving in a local church;

Live an exemplary life with the fruits of the Holy Spirit clearly manifested in word and deed;

Have no criminal record;

Not be an unrehabilitated insolvent;

  • All decisions by the Board will require consensus by the Board before any conclusion by the Board is ratified.

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