LIFE ENTERPRISES is committed to a set of Biblical values rooted in the character of Christ and the Kingdom of God with the mandate to serve, restore and renew.

We value George and the Eden District.

We are committed to both people and place. We seek the physical, social, and spiritual renewal of both. Our cities and regions can be places of relationship, opportunity, and grace for all.

We value the vulnerable.

We seek God’s unrelenting concern for the poor, widowed, migrant, sick, prisoner, homeless, and oppressed. We work in partnership to build opportunities and a better life for those who live at the

We value leadership.

A city’s diverse leadership needs to be engaged. We value a Biblical view of leadership that seeks the welfare of others, uses everyone’s gifts, heals divisions, and accomplishes the task, seeks diversity and develops people.

We value the Church.

The whole church in a city has tremendous resources to bring. We serve as a uniting catalyst connecting resources with those of other sectors to renew our cities.

We value empowerment.

This work requires listening, respect, not pointing fingers, and united work for the welfare of the We value reconciliation. Listening, respect, building trust, not pointing fingers, “Ubuntu” – I am what I am because of who we all are – is our desire.

We value risk.

Creativity, innovation, and courage will be required to utilize the opportunities and tackle the challenges. The risk of doing nothing to solve our community problems is far greater than the risk of failure when we step out in faith and obedience to the Lord’s voice.

We value a spirit of generosity.

The principle of sowing and generosity are key in mobilizing resources and capital in the Kingdom of God. This is the opposite of the materialistic focus on greed. The freedom lies in the spirit of generosity.

Activating Resources for Resourceful Living – Designating Profits for Maximum Community Benefits